Grand Rapids Metrology has provided sales, service, calibration and rental of weighing and measuring equipment since 1922.

Grand Rapids Metrology is Michigan’s premier source for measurement solutions. Formerly Grand Rapids Scale Company, we have been providing sales, service, calibration, and rental of weight and measurement equipment to Michigan and the surrounding states since 1922.

With over 30 trained, State of Michigan registered technicians, A2LA and ISO/IEC 17025 accreditations, knowledgeable application and sales team, a customized solutions staff, and calibration systems tailored to your needs, we provide you with confidence in your equipment, compliance with standards, and the best overall value for your expenditure.


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Overhaul Services

One of the reasons why our customers choose Grand Rapids Metrology to be their measurement provider is due to our expansive list of services we offer. From 24/7/365 Emergency Service to Custom Engineered Solutions, we strive to extend nothing less than

Meet the GRM Staff | Justin Parsons

Name:  Justin Parsons Birthday:  9/17/1985 Hometown:  Midland, MI Title at GRM:  Account Manager Branch:  Bay City Time working at GRM: 3.5 years What is an average day of work like for you? My average work day consists of numerous meetings,

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