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Successful Application Story

A Michigan-based asphalt company came to Grand Rapids Metrology needing a weighing solution to their unique application. They wanted to increase accuracy of their asphalt-loading system while reducing processing time. Grand Rapids Metrology partnered with leading scale supplier, Thurman Scale, to design a quality scale system fitted to the company’s heavy-duty needs.

The resulting solution included an automated asphalt-loading system within the tanks all set above a 140-foot Thurman truck scale. The design allowed trucks to drive onto the scale and while the tank fills the truck with asphalt from above, the automatic loading system shuts the tank valve when the truck has reached an appropriate weight. This truck scale system ensures a consistent level of accuracy while reducing waste from under or over-loaded trucks. The solution worked so efficiently the customer asked Grand Rapids Metrology to install the system in multiple sites across Michigan.

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Services Commonly Provided In the aggregate industry

preventive maintenance agreements

Grand Rapids Metrology will maintain your equipment’s calibration schedule based on your quality standards. The agreement includes scheduled calibrations, preventive maintenance, routine cleaning, adjustments and NIST traceable, A2LA accredited certificates of calibration.

A2LA Accredited Scale Calibration and Repair

Calibration and repair of weighing equipment accredited to ISO 17025 standards

24/7/365 Emergency Service

When your business needs to keep moving, Grand Rapids Metrology is here, day or night, to help

Sales and Application Support

Industry experts dedicated to providing the perfect solution to your application

A2LA Accredited Metrology Equipment Calibration & Repair

Calibration and repair of metrology equipment accredited to ISO 17025 standards

Heavy Capacity Overhaul

GRM maintains, repairs, and rebuilds heavy capacity equipment

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