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Successful Application Story

After having difficulties with their current supplier’s pricing, a solvent based chemical company contacted Grand Rapids Metrology in hopes to have their weights certified. They produce glue solvents in large batches that are used in the automotive industry. Their processes require a variety of material that need to be weighed precisely in order to be added as ingredients to the solvent.

The company utilized floor scales to weigh their ingredients which was tedious, slow, ineffective, and sometimes inaccurate. Throughout the course of about one month, Grand Rapids Metrology identified the maximum capacity of the tank used to mix solvents and then determined which load cells would be best for the given environment. Once implemented, the new load cells and process of measuring brought greater accuracy and efficiency to the company as well as increased the overall quality of the product.

The customer was satisfied with the new load cells and decided to purchase several more since the initial implementation. They have also taken advantage of GRM Planned Maintenance Agreements and are on a 3-month calibration cycle. They plan to expand their business with Grand Rapids Metrology by diving into metrology equipment.

Services Commonly Provided In the chemical industry

preventive maintenance agreements

Grand Rapids Metrology will maintain your equipment’s calibration schedule based on your quality standards. The agreement includes scheduled calibrations, preventive maintenance, routine cleaning, adjustments and NIST traceable, A2LA accredited certificates of calibration.

A2LA Accredited Scale Calibration and Repair

Calibration and repair of weighing equipment accredited to ISO 17025 standards

Process Automation

Creating faster and more efficient means of doing business

24/7/365 Emergency Service

When your business needs to keep moving, Grand Rapids Metrology is here, day or night, to help

Sales and Application Support

Industry experts dedicated to providing the perfect solution to your application

A2LA Accredited Metrology Equipment Calibration & Repair

Calibration and repair of metrology equipment accredited to ISO 17025 standards

Embedded Technician(s)

Manages all metrology equipment at the job site

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