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Successful Application Story

After expanding our calibration lab and accreditations, Grand Rapids Metrology’s scope was larger than ever which enabled us to enter new industries, such as the medical field. GRM contacted one of the largest health care systems in the Midwest. They sought to comply with new regulations set forth by the CDC/MDHHS that made regulatory changes. These changes required calibration of thermometers/temperature probes.

Grand Rapids Metrology went on-site to inspect the company’s current temperature calibration probes and the programs used to monitor the probes. After determining that GRM could calibrate and certify the probes in use, our lab technicians got to work on the necessary calibration. As a result, the customer was now in compliance with the new CDC/MDHHS regulations. GRM is servicing all their locations in the state of Michigan, as well as adding portable thermometers/temperature probes to the equipment list being certified.

Services Commonly Provided In the medical industry

preventive maintenance agreements

Grand Rapids Metrology will maintain your equipment’s calibration schedule based on your quality standards. The agreement includes scheduled calibrations, preventive maintenance, routine cleaning, adjustments and NIST traceable, A2LA accredited certificates of calibration.

24/7/365 Emergency Service

When your business needs to keep moving, Grand Rapids Metrology is here, day or night, to help

Equipment Management Services

Let GRM worry about your equipment with our calibration management software, CERTLINK

Sales and Application Support

Industry experts dedicated to providing the perfect solution to your application

A2LA Accredited Metrology Equipment Calibration & Repair

Calibration and repair of metrology equipment accredited to ISO 17025 standards

CDC and MI DHHS Compliant Vaccine Storage Certification

Our temperature and humidity certifications are fully compliant with these requirements for vaccine storage

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