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Waste and Recycle

Successful Application Story

Grand Rapids Metrology contacted a large company in the waste and recycling industry. Their business focused on compacting and disposing waste with an interesting idea to improve their processes. GRM noticed that they were manually weighing their trucks through operator interactions which was a slow and inefficient method.

The company generally ran 200 to 500 trucks across the scale each day, which done manually by an operator was nearly impossible. Grand Rapids Metrology saw an opportunity to reduce time and probability for error by automating the process. To do so, GRM implemented mobile speed passes and RFID cards to process the trucks faster and eliminate the need for a manual operator.

As a result, the new method reduced time and error, allowed for faster production, better tracking, and better software for accumulating data. They could now process 500 trucks in one day with ease. Since the first implementation, the company has purchased 3 more quality scale systems for other locations and have been immensely pleased with the results.

Services Commonly Provided In the Waste and Recycle industry

preventive maintenance agreements

Grand Rapids Metrology will maintain your equipment’s calibration schedule based on your quality standards. The agreement includes scheduled calibrations, preventive maintenance, routine cleaning, adjustments and NIST traceable, A2LA accredited certificates of calibration.

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