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Balanced Automotive Spot Checking

Grand Rapids Metrology has an on-going, long term relationship with an automotive manufacturing company. This company desired to know the weight distribution of its vehicles quickly after their assembly. Essentially, they required a quality spot checking of vehicle’s weight off of the production floor. These measurements are mandatory by EPA Standards in this industry.

Before GRM’s implementation of a custom engineered solution, this auto manufacturer utilized third-party providers. Due to production issues, they decided that spot checking would be the best option for their operation. Instead of using multiple third-party organizations, this company was able to hone in on just one, Grand Rapids Metrology.

The new process GRM created incorporated four platforms, one to weigh each wheel all connected to a central indicator. All four wheels were weighed at once as was the total weight of the vehicle. The weight distribution data was then collected and analyzed by the company. An operator watches the computer monitor for a green light to flash that displays a successful transmission has occurred. The data is accrued centrally for all assembly plants located through the world. The company can then use the data to verify that the vehicle has meet its specifications.

The success of this project has been overwhelming. The automotive manufacturer has implemented this process into all its plants across North America. Knowing the weight of each wheel and the vehicle as a total has enabled the organization to (1) comply with government regulation, (2) become more knowledgeable and efficient in the research and development of new vehicle design, and (3) inform engineers of any inaccuracies that have occurred along the production line.

A similar system could be utilized for any manufacturer of large objects and vehicles, for instance, farm equipment or RVs. For inquiries regarding our custom engineered solution, contact our Director of Operations, Terry Benjamin, by email at or by phone at 616.249.1210.

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