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Filling System Based on Time or Weight

Avery Weigh-Tronix Indicator







Data from the US Department of Labor declares performing physical activity and operating machinery constitutes 30% of time spent working (NCCI, 2017). Companies are wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars each year. GRM can custom engineer automated systems to better utilize resources, save time and money.



A customer, who had been using an outdated process, contacted GRM to make adjustments and engineer a system to control overflow. They were filling tanks with non-flammable gas using obsolete equipment.



We put in a floor scale, replaced the old unit with an updated indicator and installed customized software to control flow monitoring based on weight or time. When the fill operation begins, valves open, and a timer starts. Once the timer times out, the current weight is recorded, timer 2 starts and the user programmable rate of change value is added. Once timer 2 times out, the weight is checked to see if it has increased by the rate of change value. If it has, the weight is recorded and the timer 2 process is repeated. If the weight did not increase by the rate of change value, then the process is halted and the valves close.


The installed software is 100% customized to their specific measurement process. This automated system saves time and resources, minimizes error and allows the operators to focus on more imperative matters. Contact GRM to discuss how we can optimize your process!


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