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GRM Employees Step Up – 2014 Holiday Philanthropy

During the holiday season, 2014, the employees of Grand Rapids Metrology conducted an in-house fund drive that raised in excess of $3,000 for our chosen charity, the Salvation Army.


Each holiday season for the past 20 plus years, the employees of our relatively small company have chosen a holiday charity.  We have donated to Santa Claus Girls, Toys for Tots, Big Brother/Big Sister and many others.  The holiday generosity of Grand Rapids Metrology employees has provided more than $100,000 in recent charitable giving.


Though Grand Rapids Metrology is a small business with 60 employees, those employees have created a company with a huge heart and a generous spirit.  This year, we celebrate our 93rd anniversary being managed by 5th generation family.


Our principal owner, Marisa Fahnenstiel, recognizes the importance of community spirit and giving back.  The communities in which Grand Rapids Metrology does business have been good to our company and our employees.  We accept it as part of our business responsibility to give back.


Our mission and values have been the same since 1922.  We strive to be reliable, flexible, innovative, consistent and ethical.  Businesses who do not live by those values do not survive 93 years and five generations.


It is not a stated mission or value that makes Grand Rapids Metrology employees generous.  It is simply good people doing good things in a good place.  I am proud to be one of them.


Dick Spruit


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