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How to Calibrate a Forklift

Forklifts are built in a variety of different styles to be able to maneuver around obstacles and operate efficiently within your facility. They are used to load, transport, and stack inventory and other materials; favorably, forklifts also record weighing data. It is important to make sure your forklifts are calibrated yearly to save time, money, and resources. Inaccurate weighing data could result in profit loss.

To properly calibrate this electronic forklift scale, we turned it on and off several times to make sure it read zero each time it was on. It didn’t, so we took apart the scale, examined it, and put it back together again to make sure it was on securely.

Once we got an accurate reading of zero and we added a test weight to the forklift. In this case it was two 500lb weights.

We checked the reading of the scale, and it correlated with the test weight!



Forklift calibrations are usually simple and quick!

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