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Join GRM & Learn to Effectively Lead your Family Business

“Traveling through the life of a family business leader can be most revealing and educational for those in the midst of their journey.  Members of each generation have their own frame of references that add to the flavor and uniqueness of each stage of the family business experience.  Come join us as we share the experiences of four panelists representing four demographic generations – Traditionalist, Baby Boomer, GenX and Millennial.  Each panelist will describe elements of his or her family business story focusing on the path of leadership development.”

Join us as the Family Business Alliance host The Jouney of the Family Business Leader event! Grand Rapids Metrology’s Vice President, Megan Spruit, will represent our company as one of the four panelist. She will speak to the almost 100 year history of our company and her role as the fifth generation founding family member. This panel features a member from four demographic generations and Megan will express her experience as a leader from the Millennial generation.

From the panel, expect to:

  • Gain greater understanding of each generation’s perspective on leadership development.
  • Hear about guidelines and policies used to increase the odds for successful growth as a family leader.
  • Learn about training and development programs that have worked for each generation.
  • Develop stronger skills in working with multiple generations.
  • Take away ideas to help you prepare for the next stage of your family business journey.

The event will be held Tuesday, June 13th from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. at the Goeci Center in downtown Grand Rapids. This is a public event so all are welcome! Join representatives from Grand Rapids Metrology, Wesco, Inc., Custer, Inc., S2 Yachts, and Family Business Consulting Group for this inspirational and informative gathering!

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