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Metrology Equipment

Grand Rapids Metrology takes pride in selling and servicing the most accurate and precise metrology equipment on the market. Our metrology specialists work with you to find the exact equipment needed for your business. If you are unfamiliar with any new metrology equipment, GRM is available to train your team on usage and upkeep.

Angle Blocks

Measure precise angles

Bore Gages

Measure inside diameter of holes


Measure thicknesses and outside/inside diameters

Cylindrical Pins

Verify inside diameters of holes

Cylindrical Ring Gages

Measure outside diameter of a cylindrical object

Data Loggers

Measure temperature and humidity


Digital/Dial Indicators

Measure length variations

Electronic Controllers & Indicators

Visualize physical signals from measurement sensors used where it is necessary to reach and maintain a particular level

Feeler Gages

Measure narrow gaps or clearances

Flow Meters

Measure the rate of flow of a liquid

Force Gauges

Measure force during a push or pull test

Gage Balls

Measure the inside diameters of holes at any angle

Gage Blocks

Measure gaps and clearances

Handheld Instruments

Measure and record humidity, temperature or pressure

Hardness Testers

Measure resistance of material to deformation, indentation, or penetration

Height Gages

Measure height

Length Standards

Measure length

Load Cells

Create electrical signals whose magnitude is directly proportional to the force being measured


Utilize magnetic force

Mass/Test Weights

Verify weight/mass of scales

Material Testing Equipment

Measure force, distance, and time

Metal Detectors

Detect the presence of metal in product


Measure distances or thicknesses

Optical Comparators

Inspect and measure through optics

Pressure Gauges

Measure pressure 

Pressure Sensors

Sense and measure pressure, usually in the form of gas or liquid


Measure precise angles


Measure set intervals


Measure and generate diverse process variables from electrical signals, temperature, pressure, and frequency

Snap Gages

Verify whether an outside dimension falls within predefined tolerances

Surface Plates

Precision inspection, layout, and tooling setup

Temperature Calibrators

Indicate temperature

Temperature Controllers

Manages the changes of temperature of a space or object

Temperature Probes

Measure internal temperatures

Temperature Sensors

Provide temperature measurements through an electrical signal


Measure and indicate temperature

Thread Plugs

Verify thread pitch and diameter of a threaded opening

Thread Rings

Verify thread pitch and diameter of a threaded bolt

Thread Wires

Measure pitch of thread plugs

Torque Transducers

Convert electrical signals whose magnitude is directly proportional to the torque being measured

Torque Wrenches

Set or measure tightness

Vision Systems

Inspect, measure, and evaluate still or moving images

X-ray Inspection Systems

Detect a range of contaminants and product flaws


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