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Weighing Equipment

From counting tiny parts to weighing rail cars, Grand Rapids Metrology has quality scales and balances for every weighing need. Our application and support team is dedicated to providing expert advice on equipment necessary for all weighing applications and support on the purchase and installation of new products. With a wide offering of top-quality products, we are equipped to support your business needs. If you are unfamiliar with any new weighing equipment, GRM is available to train your team on usage and upkeep.

Analytical Balances

Weigh with extreme precision and high resolution

Axle Scales

Weigh vehicles

Bench Scales

Weigh smaller capacity items; fit conveniently into most workspaces


Measure pass-or-fail items given specific weight tolerances

Conveyor Scales

Weigh in-motion items without slowing the production line

Counting Scales

Count high volume of identical parts

Crane Scales

Attach to a crane and weigh the suspended load

Floor/Pallet Scales

Heavy-duty and versatile weighing platform


Instrumentation that provides accurate weight readings and can often perform more complicated functions

Intrinsically Safe

Equipment safe for use in hazardous environments

Livestock Scales

Meet specific needs of the farming and agriculture industries

Load Cells

Create electrical signals whose magnitude is directly proportional to the force being measured


Provide hard copy of weight values, times, dates, and more

Rail Scales

Weigh rail cars

Remote Displays

Communicate weight readings

Tank/Hopper Scales

Weigh bulk product

Traffic Signals

Allow scale operator to control traffic on truck scales

Truck Scales

Weigh vehicles

Unattended Kiosks

Enable truck scale transactions without an operator


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