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Surface Plates: The Foundation of your Dimensional Measurements

A surface plate is a solid, flat plate used as the main horizontal reference plane for precision inspection. They are often used as the baseline for all measurements to the particular piece being produced. The surface is required for quality purposes to be extremely flat with accuracy up to 0.00001 inch or 250 nm for grade AA or AAA plates.

Surface plates MUST BE CALIBRATED ON A REGULAR BASIS to ensure that chipping, warping or wear has not occurred. Typically, problems develop at areas on the plate that are frequently used by another tool that will cause wear to that specific spot. That usage could cause an uneven surface and reduce the overall accuracy of the plate. Erroneous measurements can only be fixed by resurfacing the plate.

For more information on surface plates, we direct you to the March 2014 edition of Quality Digest Magazine. You can access an informative article about surface plates HERE.

In 2013, GRAND RAPIDS METROLOGY purchased INSPECTION EQUIPMENT of Plainwell, MI. Inspection Equipment was one of the premier providers of surface plate calibration in the State of Michigan. Larry Armentrout, former owner of Inspection Equipment, is now part of the GRM team and has brought his surface plate expertise to our scope of abilities.

Regardless of the size, usage or structure of your surface plate, we can assist you in insuring its accuracy for use in your processes. Don’t ignore what might be the most fundamental device in your quality assurance arsenal. Call our Metrology Lab today at 1 (800) 348-5701, extension 1218 for a free estimate.

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