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in motion checkweigher

  • AxleSurance

    December 12, 2018

    In-motion vehicle weighing systems are imperative for the success of a company. Every state has a vehicle maximum weight capacity that depends on the number of axels the truck has. Most states regulate the trucks gross weight to not exceed 80,000 lbs on Interstate highways. To stay compliant with the law and avoid substantial fees, […]

  • [Video] In-Motion Checkweighers: The Perfect Accept-Reject Solution

    [Video] In-Motion Checkweighers: The Perfect Accept-Reject Solution

    July 19, 2017

    Checkweigher systems can accurately weigh 650 pieces of product per minute moving over an conveyor belt or assembly line! For production floors, that speed and certainty are of utmost importance. For operations that don’t employ in-motion checkweighers, how do you ensure the weight is correct and the speed is at its full potential? Before we […]