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  • Choosing the Correct Rocker Column Load Cell Cups

    September 3, 2019

      Load cells used in truck scales or rail scales are exposed to temperature-induced expansion and contraction. Canister load cell technology couldn’t account for the temperature-induced errors, so rocker column load cells were developed to replace them. Rocker column load cells have rounded upper and lower loading surfaces that are spaced out from the strain […]

  • [Now Offering] Light Duty Truck Scale Inspections

    [Now Offering] Light Duty Truck Scale Inspections

    June 8, 2017

    Grand Rapids Metrology is proud to offer a new value added service for truck scales, Light Duty Truck Scale Inspections! We believe this service will be an essential part of your scale maintenance program and we’re positive you will be more satisfied with the overall performance of your scale system. GRM has 95 years of […]