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Types of Calibration

The service of calibration is a major facet of Grand Rapids Metrology’s business. When seeking the calibration of equipment, you, the customer, should be aware of the various methods of calibration we offer.

First, GRM provides In-House Calibrations. This type of calibration occurs when GRM technicians use our A2LA accredited ISO 17025, environmentally controlled calibration lab to inspect and work on your equipment. This control is crucial to proper calibration of precision measurement devices, but not limited to that array of mechanisms.

Grand Rapids Metrology likewise offers On-Site Calibrations, a customer favorite! For minimal disruption to your business, GRM offers per piece, hourly, and daily calibration rates on equipment service. Why is this our most popular method of calibration? It’s convenient – our technicians come to you! Your equipment is properly calibrated without ever removing it from your own facility. 

Lastly, GRM provides Managed Outsourced Calibrations. This method of calibration is done outside of both your facility and GRM’s facility. The handling of these outsourced calibration goes to a pre-approved, accredited lab. The only instances in which we utilize this method is when equipment falls outside of our accredited scope of capabilities. However, we ensure the calibration is done properly with top-notch quality.

Regardless of which method of calibration you may choose, we guarantee the following for all metrology equipment service:

  • A2LA accredited certification of calibration for each piece of equipment
  • Pick-up and delivery, on-site or ship-in service
  • Option of expedited turn-around time

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